Quiet Acceptance

Today marks the 7-year anniversary of Owen’s body being found in the Petaluma River.  My family celebrated his life yesterday with a gathering at our house.  We brought in this next stretch with lots of laughter and love.  I think that’s as it should be.  I think Owen would have wanted it this way.  He would have felt right at home with his rye and sometimes dark sense of humor in this raucous crowd.  Nat certainly kept the high hilarity going and the rest of us were in rare form.  All good, strange as it is to admit.

When your loved one has been missing before the awful discovery that he or she is dead, it’s hard to know what date to honor as the death anniversary.  This makes for a long mourning period in the beginning, and sometimes years of unanswered questions.  We have had both.

Now, we rely on what makes us grateful.  In this, we find meaning and purpose.  Thanks, Owen.  You were a great teacher and a beloved son, brother, and friend.  You are always here in our heads and in our hearts.  We love you bigger than the sky.

Song for the night:  Kiss the Sky, Shawn Lee’s Ping Ping Orchestra


~ by Linda on June 2, 2014.

One Response to “Quiet Acceptance”

  1. I love this post Linda. Thank you for continuing to take us with you on your journey.

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