Death Cafe Sonoma – In Your Honor, Owen

If Owen was still here on the Planet, he might be glad to know that I’m facilitating a conversation about dying, death, and bereavement in an open forum.  We talked of these subjects often.  We knew that others were afraid to talk about death, so it seems appropriate now.

I recently started facilitating Death Cafe Sonoma.  I found the parent organization by accident one night while searching for something for school.  Jon Underwood started this global movement in the U.K. after reading about Bernard Crettaz, a Swiss sociologist having done the same in Paris.  I’ve been working on it for a few short months and we’ve had three gatherings so far.

Not everyone will want to attend such an event.  That’s exactly the point – to bring the subjects of dying, death, and bereavement out into the open, into a commonplace conversation.

Song for the night:  This morning, I woke up with this song playing and replaying in my memory, and even though Owen wasn’t a fan of Sting’s, he did know his music well, including the lyrics.

This photo is of Owen and Lea Kelley playing guitars on our patio in San Diego, circa 2001.  He was about 16.  This day was not shot!

Owen Lea guitars SD patio


~ by Linda on February 28, 2013.

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