Carry On

Nat and Anna got married recently – March 17, 2010, St. Patrick’s Day.  We had a glorious day, filled with sweet memories and new tomorrows.  Friends and family gathered together to celebrate love.  Can any of us serve a better intention?


Bittersweet, the word that kept coming up for me and others, is so very limited in its expression of how we put together our thoughts and feelings that day.  Yet, that word, that sentiment, truly fit the occasion.  Like dark chocolate, you know…it’s best served with Irish Breakfast tea and a spot of honey,  in my opinion.  The wedding was best served with love, laughter, embraces, dedication, tears of joy, and a pint or two.

Nat and Anna’s ceremony was narrated by the telling of their love story, a beautiful one, indeed.  From their childhood memories – together and apart, to mature longing for lasting kinship, to Owen’s passing and beyond, their story is all of our stories. Love abounds, children are born, games are played, mysteries unfold, loss becomes part of life, and love carries on.

Owen’s words were included as part of the testimony, “This kind of love only comes around once in a lifetime, Nat.  Fly your freak flag high.”  He was referring to Nat’s concerns about being in love with a girl they’d both known since childhood, and the close family relationships they all shared.  Nat remembered this conversation as the turning point in his contemplations about pursuing the woman of his dreams, with all the known and unknown hardships, all the known and unknown joys.  Nat has certainly, flown his freak flag high.  He won the girl, became the father of the child, and lives to honor the hardships, the joys, and every moment in between.  He is the boy who became the man, and I’m proud to be his mother.  I’m proud to know my sons supported each other’s dreams.  I’m proud to be the mother of these two brothers.  I’m privileged to be a part of Anna’s and Ruby’s family.

Ruby danced in a world of change that Wednesday afternoon, and thankfully, was held in the arms of a loving family and the coming Spring.  Her face was full of wonder, her eyes set on her parents’ hearts, and her hopes cast to the new dawn.

Song for the night:  Carry On, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (“…rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice, but to carry on…”)


~ by Linda on May 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “Carry On”

  1. Thank you for sharing this joyful occasion with all of us. Life goes on. We never forget but … life goes on and it should! I am so glad you had this happy occasion and were able to savor it.

  2. missing you, how r you doing , im still stuck, lost both my parents last month 16 days apart . always love reading your inspiration & thought , thinking of you always OWEN !!!!

  3. Please write & let me know how you & your family r getting along. sending love & hugs

  4. I loved reading this story and the picture is worth a thousand words!

  5. Hi Linda, please visit my “garden” if you have some time to spare. Left a little note for you. Take care and blessings to you always.– Bong

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