Can’t Find My Way Home

Can you?  Where is it?  Home, which has most often been my family, my friends, and nothing more, lives in my heart and in my head.  That’s where I find peace.

I was a teenager when this song was released.  Late 60s, I think.  After Cream, if I’m not mistaken.  Nothing hit me in the gut like Steve Winwood’s voice back then (and still).  Add acoustic guitars, and a slow tempo…and finding my way home became my mantra.  The things that hit me there now, are, well, deeper, but with all the hope of those old days.   Nat, Owen, and I made a promise long, long ago, that if one of us left before the rest, we would always live thereafter in our hearts and in our heads.  That mantra lives within the walls of my heart and head to this day.  I love that safe, comforting, lovely place I call…home.

Two years and two days ago, I took two pictures of Owen at the desk where he planted himself most nights in our living room.  I didn’t know then, that those would be the last photos I took of him.  I used one of those pictures on the missing-person flyer we distributed around town in the days he was missing, a little over a month later.  The way he held the remote control to the TV, the way he sat in the chair, the page on the computer that shone in the background, the way…

Song for the night:  Can’t Find My Way Home, Blind Faith (Hey, Baby, you found your way home.  What’s it like?)


~ by Linda on April 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “Can’t Find My Way Home”

  1. And since I’m already crying:

  2. Mercy. Just dropping by to see you, say hi. Let you know that I check you on a day-by-day basis even if I’m doing nothing other than lurking, and you’re still touching my heart today like you did in the beginning, with this wonderful tribute to Owen, family, and love.

  3. I seem to never take pictures of my son anymore. Need to get back to it….

  4. Speechless……Love you all

  5. i’ve always loved that song but had no idea that was Steve Winwood’s voice.

    I don’t feel I have a home. Its strange, I used to feel home was Louisiana, where I grew up but it doesn’t feel like that anymore. I never took to this place and just sort feel lost all the time.

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