Magic happens, and it’s on the rise

How often do you doubt that magic happens?  Yep, me too.  I always hold out hope, though, because once in a while, it actually does.  I’ve been fortunate to observe magic, and magic has been fortunate to accompany me on many journeys.

It did today.  Magic happened.  And, Dave, Lea, and I were on the phone together this evening to witness a magical event, a moment in time, when all the cogs clicked into place.  Serendipity, magic, call it what you will.

13 years ago, Lea had an art show in San Francisco.  This would make it 1996.  A gentleman, Zac, attended and wanted to buy one of her paintings.  They talked at length, as often happens at the convergence of artists and those appreciative of art, and Lea learned that Zac knew members of the Meat Puppets.  Lea agreed to paint some jackets for the Puppets for their upcoming engagements, and she gave Zac a painting in honor of the contact he’d afforded her.  

In February of this year, I sent an invitation to Zac for Lea’s art show in Malibu.  Yesterday, a package arrived for Lea, care of me.  When I told her about the package, she asked me to open it.  Dave went into the house to retrieve it, and tore the paper, bit by bit from the box inside.  As each piece slid out from the brown paper enveloping it, I narrated the opening of said package to Lea by phone.  Inside, were things of importance to Lea and Zac, but also a lengthy letter, and a money order.  Zac was paying Lea for the painting she’d gifted him in 1996.  This gift, this piece of magic, was unexpected, unbelievable to a certain extent…except that Lea’s life has worked this way since I met her in 1984.  We were once again aware that good deeds do, indeed, go noticed.

Right about then, Nat came home from a weekend at UC Berkeley, where he was part of the Model Arab League, an exercise for college students involved in political science and international relations.  He brought home an Honorable Mention from the 3-day event, along with a whirlwind of information and experience.  He was full of stories and exhaustion.  He was brilliant.  

As Dave and I sat on the patio, in the aftermath of our phone call with Lea, having just listened to Nat’s stories of the weekend, and with the contents of Zac’s package still lying on the table, I was aware of that thing, that indescribable thing that happens when we least expect it.  Magic.  I watched the sun dip behind the trees, enjoyed the butterflies dancing their evening waltz, and remembered a time when magic was an every day event.  I remembered when Owen’s laugh blessed our ears, blessed our souls, and I thanked him for reminding me that magic happens, and if we’re listening…it’s always on the rise.

Song for the night:  On the Rise, Meat Puppets (…how much salvation can my stomach stand…)


~ by Linda on April 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “Magic happens, and it’s on the rise”

  1. Oh yeah!

  2. Hi, was just searching my blogroll for interesting posts and saw your entry – had to post. It happened today for me at a job interview! Still do’t know if I have the job – have to go through several more layers (advisory board etc) But I felt the magic int moment and as I left there – a song came on the radio about rainbows all around. I’m so bad about the band names and arttists – and after I listened to “on the rise” here – I promptly forgot the origins of ‘my’song I’d heard :). May more magic come your way soon! Talula

  3. OK – couple of hours later – my ‘old fogey’ brain kicks in and the song floated back up when I was with my 2 & 1/2 yr old granddaughter! It was “I Can See Clearly Now” by Credence Clearwater Revival — Damn – how could I have forgotten THAT song??? And the ‘magic’ rose again while with her! Love Ya! Talula

  4. Uh-Oh! I have to bow to your genius master of all things music — I did a little research yesterday – and I got the song title right; but couldn’t find where Credence covered it. OOPS! Oh well music moves me & my spirit easily and profoundly; even if I don’t know whose sings it!!! Have a beautiful week & may more magic float into your life everyday of it!

  5. Congrats to Nat — I know those competitions are exciting and stressful. Sounds like it went well for him!

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