To the Bone

Some things hurt to the bone.  We can’t stop it, the layers so deep.

Owen’s taste in music was diverse, to be sure.  He was the DJ of the car (of the household on most days), fingers searching for the right song at the right time, no matter how long or short the drive (or the afternoon or evening).  He dominated the musical dashboard, and I rarely had the heart to counter his choices of radio stations, CDs, or silence.  But, there are those songs that can render me useless now.  Some for the memories of his loneliness; some for the memories of his joy.

Tonight’s song was one that used to make us laugh.  I can still hear him imitating the “b-b-b-b-b-bad”  part.  He had a unique sense of humor, one I miss terribly.  Thankfully, Nat has a similarly odd sense of humor, but with a different twist.  Brothers are like that.  Exactly, the same…but different.  All of us used to laugh when people said, “…exactly the same, but different.” Nat and I still do.

I’ve learned so much from my kids.  I’m still learning.  Nat and I are still wondering how we survive in the aftermath of Owen’s unresolved death.  Owen was anything, everything, but bad.  He was, on occasion, lost.  He was never bad.  He was the epitome of good.  He felt life, experienced life, loved life…to the bone.

Song for the night:  Bad to the Bone, George Thorogood


~ by Linda on January 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “To the Bone”

  1. Yes, the power of the music, as with scents, too, can take you back to someone so clearly.

  2. G-g-g-g-good to the bone is exactly the same, only different.

  3. Linda,
    Thanks for the song. It brought memories with it. My husband was an ole’ biker and this was the theme song that I heard over and over again.

    In truth, there was very little within him that was bad. He just liked the song.

    I understand what people are saying about your boys…my husband and his brother are like that. I would always say that they were just two sides of the same coin…it fit them and it sounds like it fits your boys…

    Thanks for sharing…your memories and mine brought a sad smile for a little while…

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