I walk into the night

…and listen for your voice.  I hope to hear you sing, I hope to hear a…


Song for the night: Fiddle and the Drum, A Perfect Circle (originally by Joni Mitchell)

Okay, so it’s a two video night, and I miss seeing Owen playing hacky sack, which was as much ballet as game.  He was a dancer with that little foot bag, and it brought him such joy.  Ballet always did the same for me.

A few songs and a dance for the night:  Fiddle and the Drum/Sex Kills/Passion Play, Joni Mitchell & the Alberta Ballet


~ by Linda on January 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “I walk into the night”

  1. Wow, I have that CD, A Perfect Circle, and it’s not too mainstream.
    You and I listen to a lot of the same music.

    Oh, and earlier I was looking at a lot of beautiful ballet photos on Flickr. Love that stuff.

  2. I still have a hacky sack on top of my book case. (and one at my art studio)
    The ballet, O got from you— he was a lot more lanky at it, though.
    The fiddle and the drum: makes me cry for so many reasons, some personal to us and some sadness at the state of the world bigger than us…
    The ballet version, juxtaposed, with our pal, Joni really brings it all home doesn’t it?

  3. Love it. And yes, it is the New Year. And I’m trying to accept it and embrace it and all that good stuff. I finally posted today and then did a second post for an award I received that I am passing on to you. 🙂

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