Halloween ’08

Owen’s favorite day, Halloween.  I miss him.  

Lea and I were in the Los Angeles area this week, showing her paintings to some galleries.  She has two exhibitions coming up in the next year or so, one in Malibu and one in Santa Monica.  The trip was fast, we accomplished a lot, we laughed, we cried, we told stories, and as usual, we drank a lot of coffee.  Besides two galleries wanting Lea’s work (which was the purpose of the trip), we met some friends of a friend and spent a wonderful evening with them, and had lunch at Pink’s on La Brea.  All these years, I’ve been telling Lea about Pink’s, and finally we got to spend a much-too-hot (90-degree weather in October) hour on the patio underneath an umbrella, eating our chili dogs, onion rings, and Cokes.   

That same afternoon, Wednesday, before starting our drive home, we visited with Carla at a coffeehouse on Sunset and Cahuenga in Hollywood.  We talked about how funny it was that we were all together in L.A., but figured it would be just as easy to imagine having coffee together in Paris someday.  

Today, looking for some paperwork, I came across some CDs of photos Carla sent me after Owen died.  Of course, I’ve been glued to the computer since, remembering those years in Bellingham, and downloading the photos.  Lea’s taking a nap, Anna’s at work, Dave’s running errands, and I hear Nat and Ruby coming in from school now.  Ruby was Alice in Wonderland for the school Halloween parade.  Kindergarten.  Tonight, she’ll be R2D2 for trick-or-treating.  We’re not expecting many kids at our door, as there are no sidewalks on this street and quite a bit of traffic.  We bought candy last night, just in case, but I think we’ll be eating most of it over the next few days.

Dave and I have been on vacation from work this week, and over the past six months, we had about a half dozen different ideas of places to visit.  Instead, he stayed home and got some things done while Lea and I were down south for three days.  Lea leaves for Washington tomorrow, and Dave and I will spend the next two days in Redding, checking on his mom’s house before winter gets here.

The wind and rain have kicked up since yesterday.  I remember as a kid, what a drag it was to go trick-or-treating in this kind of weather.  Somehow, after a few houses and a few pieces of candy, the wind and rain didn’t seem to matter much.  I hope Ruby feels the same way.  Coyote is sure to be out there with her, and the wind and rain will mostly disappear.

Happy Halloween.


~ by Linda on October 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Halloween ’08”

  1. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

    Hot dogs, onion rings, a Coke, and a good friend? Priceless, my dear. I’m sure you two had a wonderful time.

  2. Think of you – even when I don’t visit your blog. Hope you are as well as can be.

  3. Just looking around for you. No post in two weeks.
    You doing okay?

  4. Linda,
    Ive been thinkin of Owen, and you guys a lot lately. I hope you’re well, whatever your doing.

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