The Owl, Journey, Re-entry

I was out of town for the past few days – in Austin, Texas – for work. I have a hard time leaving home since Owen died. I was out of town for work on the night he disappeared. I will always wonder…

Weirdly, and not so, as hard as it is for me to leave, coming home from my travels is what I imagine astronauts experience when Earth’s gravity pulls them back to the ground. A coming home, to be sure, but to no home they’ve ever seen. Everything is changed. I don’t believe we can go away and return to the same place.

As my plane landed yesterday, I saw the runway, the smoke from the tires hitting the surface, and thought about the comings and goings of our lives, our journeys. I returned to no home I’ve ever seen, and to one of the many homes I’ve known in this realm. Re-entry – a birthing of sorts, a dying…all the same.

I have a friend, I’ll call her the Owl. She’s been with me since shortly after Owen died. She offers me a language I never thought I would need to learn. Recently, she offered to accompany Owen to the home of his ancestors. After a time of discovery, a time of resolution, a time of letting go, of thank you’s and uh-huh’s, I noticed him tapping his foot. Owen always tapped his foot when he was done with something. He finally understood why things happened the way they happened…and so did I. I finally understood who he, Nat, and Michael (their father), were and are.

Owen accepted the Owl’s invitation to fly. I trusted that she would watch over him on the journey. He walked through the fire, and his wings carried him beside her. I watched and listened as they flew together, and I felt both peace and longing. Peace in the knowledge that he’s sitting with his people now, and longing for that same peace for us all.

I will always think of Owen as the son and friend I know and love, and as the Raven he was – magical. I will remember him as a night owl, too. We had that in common, our love of those hours after sunset, when everything is quiet enough to contemplate what’s so…and, what’s next.

Tonight is a two song night. I go on my search now. The search for a song that illustrates Owen in his Night Owl image, and a song for The Flight.

Songs for the night: Night Owl, Little River Band

And, this one: Owl Music Video, Brand X Music, BBC Motion Gallery


~ by Linda on October 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Owl, Journey, Re-entry”

  1. ‘Tis good, dear Linda. I will mention you and Owen when I light my candles tomorrow, in honor of his journey…and yours.

    Peace of heart to you.

  2. Something for fun…

    I was recently “memed.” I had to look up the definition in Wikipedia. Thought you might want to partake in the fun. Check out the following post to participate!

  3. Next time you are in Texas, you need to swing by Dallas.

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