Not queues. Queues are lines of people waiting for something to begin – a movie, a play, a ticket to buy (not one to ride, that was the Beatles), a dinner to be served at a newly-opened restaurant. That’s not my theme tonight. Actually, I’m waiting in a queue to post tonight’s message, for I am too tired, too weary, to write in a cohesive manner. So, I’ll wait in a line of others waiting, for “the” time to arrive. That time when their message might be read by those who wait to read. Huh.

Again, I talk in circles. All life is a circle. A circling, recycling, rhythmic pattern of things gone before, things happening now, and things left to come. Huh.

My head is spinning. If it weren’t, I’d be confused. Oh. That’s right, I’m supposed to be confused. But, for some reason, I’m not. Instead, I dance in circles, and enjoy the moment. I enjoy those dizzy moments when time passes before me, when my eyes work hard to catch a freeze frame. I have so many. My breath stops, I recognize that frame, hear the voices, and smell the fragrance of joy. Huh.

I enjoy the visions of things left to come. I am hopeful. How can that possibly be? Because…it is. Huh.

Things left to come. Tonight I was talking on the phone to Lea about something that speaks to me in a way my simple, everyday life doesn’t. Something exciting. Something that can last beyond me. Just as I was confirming this thing as a possibility, a moth flew in front of me, and fluttered about in the light under which I sat. THIS was a cue. This moth was a blessing. This moth cued me to take my place on the mark, to speak loudly enough for others to hear, to let my voice move through the universe until it hits something that absorbs it – or on which it can bounce back. A cue. Huh.

Song for the night: Waiting for You, Seal (if you knew Owen, and wondered how he felt about you, and you really knew all along, this song is for YOU)


~ by Linda on October 8, 2008.

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