How I spent my summer vacation…

My whole summer wasn’t a vacation like in the old days at school. With autumn approaching, it somehow feels like it, though.

Four major visits carried me through these past few months. Our family’s memorial trip to the River on June 2; Carla’s visit to our house shortly after that; Nat’s trip to Boston and Washington, DC, with me in August; and my trip to visit Lea in Bellingham, WA, last weekend. All were special, none can be replicated. I wish summer could last a little longer.

I’m looking for a piano. A nice, inexpensive, good sounding, old fashioned upright. A friend from work called this morning to tell me of one he found in the newspaper. Nat, Anna, and I are going to see it after breakfast. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I think it would make the slide into fall a little easier. I’ve found a teacher already, since it’s been years since I paid attention to really making music. Mostly, I listen and sing along. It’s time for me to do some brain exercises that can fill one of the places that seems so empty now, the one reserved for learning something that makes me happy. I can hear it now, Chopsticks, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Moonlight Sonata (the beginner’s version). Maybe I can move past Book Two this time. Maybe I can entertain myself on nights when Dave hasn’t yet arrived home from work. Maybe I’ll drive my family crazy with mistaken notes and meanderings through the 88s. Owen and I used to sit at our old piano and walk the black keys together. I have a feeling I’ll be walking there soon.

Thanks for the beautiful summer visits everyone.


~ by Linda on September 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “How I spent my summer vacation…”

  1. Linda! I’m taking Music Theory and a Beginning Piano class this semester at school! Cool stuff.

  2. …and it was good to see you this summer, on June second, which feels like a really long time ago

  3. We’re looking for a proper piano for Spanky right now and can’t seem to just get one. She’s practicing on a keyboard and time just keeps going by.

    I have an antique one I refinished in my crazy over antiques days. It’s gorgeous, but when the tuner came over just after I did all that work he said my children should never play it, it would ruin their ear.

    Oy. I’m glad you reminded me to get out and just buy the kid a piano before she grows up and it’s too late.

    wishing you the best with your lessons and may ay it give you endless hours of peace and joy. I think music really does tame the savage beast in all of us. Sometimes it is the only thing that calms my soul.

  4. I’ve often felt the pull of taking piano lessons again, if only to give my obsessive brain one ztress-less thing to obsess about. To drown out all of those nagging thoughts, if you will. I’m glad I read your blog tody. Today has been crap. Not as crappy as many days in the past, but crap all the same. Your words always wake me up. Thank you, Linda.


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