Blogs I love to visit

I’m grateful to the people on the invisible side of blogs I read. I visit when I have the energy, and sometimes when I don’t. A couple of these writers have kindly included me among their blog-award recipients. I beg your indulgence in understanding that I’ve rarely reserved enough energy by the end of a day to pass along your acknowledgments to others who might enjoy the same recognition. I trust you feel my thanksgiving. The following are blogs that have kept me connected, kept me engaged, kept me contemplating, kept me laughing. There are plenty more. These come to mind readily, and it’s not nearly a complete list.

The first person that wrote me online regularly was Lonnette. She and I met on a grief board, and she stuck with me during those first few fully awake nights when grief was nearly the only thing I felt. She’s stuck with me ever since. She writes in lots of places, and her blog can be found at Sparkle’s Search for Happiness.

If you’re not listed here, and you know I read your words and enjoy your creative work, just remember…I usually write late at night when my physical resources are limited, my mental acuity tapped, and I’m downright freakin’ tired. Write me, remind me that you’ve been with me this past year, cuz I’m likely to kick myself, swear a few precious expletives, and include you in my next post.

The suitcase is near at hand, and I’ve spent this evening linking sites while talking with Nat and Dave, which leads me to visions of pajamas and a comfy quilt. I’ve not forgotten our online chats, our emails, our telephone calls. I love you all.

I just spent some time with old posts here at mysteryoriley, and I’m sad to say some of the songs I linked in long-ago posts are “no longer available”. This happens on occasion, copyrights coming into play. I can’t blame them – the music business has changed dramatically. So, this is but a piece of how I spend my nights, the searching back in time for songs that comforted me. Now, I feel obligated to find newer versions of those same songs, view them, figure out if they have the same essence, and post. And, I wonder why I can’t sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

The links below have stories. Hopefully, in the coming days, I can add narratives to the links. If I do, I’ll feel better. If I don’t, I’ll still feel. I’m posting this now, regardless of whether I think this offering is complete. Nothing is complete. It’s all a work in progress. Hmmm.

We’re all asking the same thing: What is Life?

Song for the night: What is Life George Harrison (…what I feel, I cannot say…) OMG, the youtube version I just posted is…NO LONGER AVAILABLE, WTF??? I’ll find another one…hmmm. Hare hare krishna.

lea kelley saying thank you for…

The Price of Love

Mariel’s Garden

A Curious State of Affairs

Writing Grandma’s Book

The Show Must Go On

Origami Anvil

Gypsy-Heart, I am…

Faces of Bellingham

Karen’s Blog, a mother’s loss

Rosiesmrtiepant’s Weblog

We’re Strictly Ballroom

Walking in the Valley of the Shadows

Art by Lea Kelley, Linda Lowen’s women’s issues

Hopping into Puddles


~ by Linda on September 4, 2008.

8 Responses to “Blogs I love to visit”

  1. That’s irritating about YouTube, I have the same problem but am too lazy to go back and find new links.
    I just sent you an invite on Facebook, I didn’t realize you had a page.

  2. Thanks, Linda. The feeling’s mutual. I am so glad you are posting again. I’m not doing too much with my blog this week since I started back teaching again, but I hope to get back to it soon. Had to stop by and see you, though, even if I’m not writing at “home.”

  3. Thank you for the honour. Your blog is inspirational to me. Enduring what happened to your dear son and managing to survive this tragedy and share your journey, is a remarkable feat. i am in awe of you.

  4. Hey, I like reading your blog too.


  5. Thanks Linda–I write because I have to-in order to survive. Since I started blogging, I have found such a release for all the craziness that has been my life for several years now. The journey keeps throwing me dusty, winding trails, paths that are uncleared (jungle-like), and roads of sorrow that have no end it seems. But what can I do but journey on? What can any of us do right?

    Be sure your suitcase has wheels for the times when it is far too heavy to carry (which is most of the time, I’m sure.) Just drag it behind you, a step at a time, because much of life’s joys and horrors are in it. It is both a treasure chest, and burdensome baggage, but it is what our life is comprised of, and there is perhaps little that we would part with, once we have gotten rid of the superficial.

    It is our life experience that makes us who we are, and while we replace our suitcases now and then, some of the content will forever be a part of our journey-memories and faded photographs, love and longing, heartbreak and hope, joy unspeakable, sorrow unspeakable, doubt and faith, life and death.

    We can decide when to open it, though as you say, at times its contents spill out, and we cannot contain them. Our most private articles sometimes come tumbling out for all the world to see. (A bit embarrassing, but also a bit freeing as well.) For once they have seen the underwear, how shocking can anything else be? And after that, we don’t really care, and if they are judgmental, then who needs them?

    Perhaps then it is time to “repack” and bring a bit of order to the chaos, realizing that it won’t stay neat for very long. Living is messy. For such is the journey-we are weak from the effort, but in some strange way, also strengthened. If we are still standing, it is a victory.(Sometimes just breathing is enough.)

    But we must rest along the way, and find an inn where we can eat, sleep, and commune with our Lord. There are times of refreshing that are so necessary in the journey. Times to light a candle and have a cup of tea. Times to reflect and renew our spirit so that we can continue on.

    Sometimes we pull the suitcase, and other times it pulls us–beckoning us onward in the search for understanding and truth…

    I journey on…


  6. Thanks so much for this thought, Linda. This summer’s lease is run, and it’s been raining cats and dogs in London all week.

    Give my kind regards to California, because at this rate I may be emigrating soon. Or swimming.

  7. “We’re all asking the same thing: What is Life?” So true!

    Thank you Linda.

  8. Thank you for the nod! That means so much to me, especially because I see your blog the same way…you give me mucho inspiration!! I’m glad you are back to blogging again regularly and am thankful that I finally have my behind back in gear enough that I am doing the same.

    PS I find the same thing irritating about youtube videos…and have been spending some time getting my old ones back and running again, thanks to a little motivation. 🙂

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