2 Responses to “And, ANOTHER thing…”

  1. Fear not, you won’t lose the memories. They are scorched into your mind, heart and soul. It has been 16 years since I lost someone I loved – and the memories are still fresh. They still make me cry some days – and make me smile or laugh or feel warm on others. I can still recall them in full eidetic colour.

    And sometimes, like a precious gift from beyond the grave, a newly recalled memory will emerge from the mists of time, something long forgotten, triggered by an event, or something someone said or did. And I will carry the newly remembered memory around in my heart all day like a precious trophy. And folk will keep asking me why I am smiling – and privately think I’m a little crazy. And maybe I am.


  2. Memories both haunt us and soothe us. At least, that has been my experience. Yet, I find myself lingering there.

    Energies of light and peace of heart to you, dear Linda.


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