Just hang out with me…

on Mother’s Day.  When my kids were young and asked what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day, that’s what I said.  That’s still my answer.  Nat and Owen made time for me so often, I never much differentiated Mother’s Day from any other day of the year.

I remember them asking me on several occasions, “Why isn’t there a Kid’s Day?”  My response (borrowed from my mom) was, “Every day is Kid’s Day.”  Not an original answer, I’m sure, but it served to start a conversation about greeting card companies, the commercialization of holidays of all sorts, and how this celebration of motherhood began.  I didn’t know much about the history of Mother’s Day, but knew that mothers had been specifically acknowledged in different cultures for several centuries, with a variety of traditions, and on a variety of dates.

People have asked me recently how this year will be different, without Owen.  I can’t know.  In a little over a week, I can speak about this in more definitive terms.  I still consider myself the mother of two sons, one here and one there.  The best gift I ever received as a mother was…each of them.  This year, I expect I’ll be hanging out with Nat, Anna, and Ruby.  Dave is sure to make great food for all of us.  I don’t want any gifts.  I already have them.


~ by Linda on May 2, 2008.

13 Responses to “Just hang out with me…”

  1. It breaks my heart that you will spend Mother’s Day without one of your sons. But I have great admiration for you and your ability to continue on with a life without him. Life is life. My thoughts are with you!

  2. I’ll be thinking about you on Mother’s Day.

    Last year for Mother’s Day was my brother’s funeral. We worried a lot about it messing up all the rest of my mom’s mother’s days. Then she said they will be messed up regardless, to just go on with the burial.

    You must have lost Owen the same time, then. May 11th makes one year. I’m thinking Owen was the week after?

  3. Hey Kitty,

    I can’t imagine how your mom has gotten through these past two years. So many losses in so little time – and one of the funerals on Mother’s Day.

    Owen went missing on May 29 last year, so this will be my first Mother’s Day without him. The rest of the family will be there. We had never made a big deal out of either Mother’s or Father’s Day, just small remembrances. So many other occasions are harder, like driving down certain streets…daily. The things that are constant reminders, so far, seem the hardest.

    Take care, and thanks for checking in,

  4. If you feel a warm hug that comes from nowhere in particular on Mother’s Day – it will be from me, from one mom to another mom. I shall be thinking of you.

  5. My love and warm thoughts go out to you and your family, on this trying day.

  6. Mother’s Day is a recent invention and one we can do without, frankly. I mean, honestly, mothers ought to be valued year round. Your kids knew that and practiced that. You will always have them with you.
    Take care!

  7. Linda
    I don’t know where my mind is (other than in the hospital with my hubby), but I was taken by surprise when the radio person said that this Sunday was Mother’s Day. After realizing just how time must be standing still in my mind, you were the first one that I thought about upon hearing of this upcoming day.
    You have had a year of “First’s” and it must be hard to have the first Mother’s Day without your son. I will be thinking of you and your Owen this Sunday…all my best to you..

  8. Hey Linda!
    I dont have the internet at my new apartment yet, so if Im not online by the 11th, I hope you have a wonderful mothers day spending time with your family members in this world and the next.

  9. Dear Linda,

    They say that mommy is the first word that children learn to speak, I’m very sure it’s the last one too most of us will have on our lips on that fateful day.

    Happy Mother’s Day to a truly exceptional mom. Your abiding love for Owen and Nat too only proves that a mother’s love is forever.

    Warm regards,


  10. Hoping your family is hanging out with you today, and you with them. Hugs.

  11. This morning I woke up hearing “Dog Pile on da Mama” and the echoes of giggles that came with that delightful game while everybody jumped on the bed to wake you up and shower you with affection.
    Today I am showering you with that much affection, Linda K.
    I hope you can feel it.
    I love you.

  12. I woke up thinking about you today. Gotta get to Linda’s place…
    May you have a peaceful day.

  13. I still live in San Francisco, I moved from the SF State Area to Castro and Market-A much more lively and warm weathered spot.

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