On a break

I’m on a short break – remembering everything I can about our lives together before Owen died, and reliving everything from this past year, who we’ve become as a family, as individuals.  I’m walking a lot, driving a good bit, and sleeping when I can.  I’ll write again soon, but for the moment, I just have to let the sights and sounds of my life wash over me.

This is what I’m questioning: What is my cause, my effect in the world?  What’s yours?

Song for the night:  Message to Myself, Melissa Etheridge (…what you fear can make you weak…)





~ by Linda on April 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “On a break”

  1. Glad you’re taking some time to reflect. I know that after this worldwind year, you need a break. I’m still looking for my place in this world (hence, Sparkle’s Search For Happiness.) LOL! It is a continual journey, always evolving, ever-changing. But it has its moments, yes? I love you, and hope you find some peace and rest. Lonnette

  2. I am glad you are aware of yourself enough to know when you need a break. I’m on a bit of a break myself…therapist and doctor made me take a leave of absence from work and I am now doing an intensive outpatient program and going to therapy more. I’m on day two, so I don’t know that it will be my miracle cure. But it’s a start.

    I hope you find peace and joy and answers on your break, your journey. Sometimes the past can be muddled and even the presence can be clouded with, for lack of a better word, the daily BS.

    I don’t really know my cause, my effect on the world. I’m not sure it has to be a big thing. I think maybe my cause, my effect, my reason is to love my Malcom, my dog, my family. I don’t think it has to be any bigger than that, even though I am often left wondering if there is some greater purpose.

    I would like to point out, however, that you already are having an effect on the world…this blog is read by countless people suffering and in pain, and your words are like home to them. That is perhaps the greatest feat of all…to heal the wounded by doing, writing, helping…by passing on the knowledge that you already know.

    Peace and sleep to you, Linda

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