Time Warp

Not an uncommon theme, the idea of a time warp.  I’m in and out of time warps throughout each day.  No one who has lost someone, can live a day without memories that push the boundaries of our concepts of time and experience.  Who and what is actually present in the here-and-now,  we ask ourselves?  What’s out there in the future that we can’t see and feel – yet?

I don’t know the answers to these questions.  I simply ask them, over and over.  It reminds me of when I was an adolescent and asked the Big Questions.  Many an evening was spent with friends, pondering…and few of those nights resulted in answers that could bridge the gap between our youthful beliefs and our day-to-day experiences.  We accepted that we were okay in the middle of whatever beliefs we held.  No matter who was there, whether vehemently committed to their own personal philosophies or religions – accompanied by the candles, the bonfires, and the light from the far end of other combustibles – we were in it together.  We felt safe in our investigations of the big picture.

I don’t think Owen felt safe asking those questions in the company of his peers, but he did it anyway.  From what he told us, asking questions was a more important exercise, than finding answers.  The idea that throwing questions out to the universe, no matter who was listening, was a larger mission than that of coming to terms with people who may or may not agree with his ideas.  He was capable of proselytizing, no matter the company. 

Nat found that same exercise somewhat lacking, except when the participants were those of us in our family.  He had always been a more perceptive judge of character than Owen, and chose to spend time with his friends in light-hearted conversations about daily comings-and-goings, leaving those in-depth discussions to people with whom he had built trust, even in unknown territories.  He still chooses his audiences carefully.  Frugal, cautious.  Yet, under the cone of safety, he can orate like a snake-oil salesman from the back of a covered wagon, with no more than a cup of water to take him to the next stop.  

Owen liked Pink Floyd immensely.  I remember how upset he was, when Syd Barrett died.  He played Pink Floyd CDs for weeks afterwards, and we talked about the group and their impact on music in the long-term.  He was living in a time warp in those weeks – especially given that he hadn’t yet been born, when they were at the peak of their careers.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Emmitt.

Song for the night:  Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Pink Floyd





~ by Linda on April 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Time Warp”

  1. Linda,Another great writing, Time warp exactly! Its been a long 10 months 4 me this week, what a heartwrenching journey ! I love it when you write about your friends , what awsome people, mine all ran cause im sad! Please dont ever walk in our shoes, guess they dont care for the new Sandy, so be it ! I do have a big family & all you great people. thanks for helping me go on. Your friend Sandy

  2. You’ve recalled to my mind a long-forgotten memory. When I was only about thirteen, one day I was in the shower and was thinking when all of a sudden it hit me how small we are in a huge universe. It was as if I could see out from myself and the world just got bigger and bigger, until I was shooting through the universe surrounded by stars. I remember having to sit down right there in the shower. I felt so completely overwhelmed.

    Haven’t thought of that in years….

  3. Linda, most times I don’t have the energy required to respond to your amazing, thoughtful, insightful, and tearful writing. Just know that I think about you daily and I hope you can feel my long distance heart felt hugs. As April 14th approaches(would have been my sons 18th birthday)I feel that familiar craziness slipping in. Pink Floyd is perfect for tonight.

  4. Perfectly (as perfection goes…in the eye of the beholder) written, Linda. Peace and sleep for you tonight.


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