Dedication to Tea and Talk

Some of us, the majority, really, are quieted by life.  Life has a way of doing just that.  It asks of us, those quieted, that we let others revel in their joy.  Life demands: Bring on the joy.  But, let’s not forget the sorrow, for it’s just as much a part of us, and in the end, joins joy…in the pursuit of hope and beauty.

The conversation, the talk, takes on a new dimension when allowed an open forum.  Why do we censor ourselves?  Because we hope to continue here long enough to share our stories.  We are nothing more than our stories, and our continuing circle of loved ones.  

I’d rather post a rowdy, boisterous song tonight.  It ain’t gwanna happen.  Introspection has taken the place of humor and lightheartedness.  I hope to rise tomorrow with a loud and raucous song in my heart, which will rise to my head, and lead me through my day.  Maybe I’ll find it after I sign off.  Maybe I’ll go to bed.  I will most definitely sing myself to sleep.  Maybe I’ll dream of talks over tea, coffee, and sunsets on the back porch.  Music is my madness and my meditation.  

Song for the night: Tea & Sympathy, Janis Ian (for Roads, for our common message in talking openly about grief as an integral part of life – for Owen and Jenny, for our families and friends)


~ by Linda on March 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dedication to Tea and Talk”

  1. Thanks very much, Linda. Another fine choice of music.

    So farewell then
    Janis Ian

    I learned the truth
    At seventeen –
    That was your famous catchphrase

    I loved to play that song
    In days gone by

    And if only
    It had been entirely

    With apologies to EJ Thribb (aged 17 ½)

  2. Roads, With Thribb being a fictitious character and all, I’m remembering me at 17.5. I can clearly remember what I thought of, as “true” back then, and Janis Ian’s song “At Seventeen” – while a part of my history – it wasn’t a predominant one. As EJ states, “…if only it had been entirely true” can’t come close to capturing what I thought was true then, and I no longer even ask. Truth is only true to the speaker/writer/reader, yes? And, then, at times, not even that. Lovely to think that it could have been, though. L.

    p.s. Why the apology to Thribb?

  3. The apology ? Well, I can’t claim to be in the same class as E J Thribb, but he (or she?) has been a key creative influence on my writing (according to Keith’s Mum, at any rate).

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