Cake or…

death?  What might you choose?


My night was spent with my blogfriends, offline.  Emails are a beautiful thing, in the oh-so technology way.  My emails would have been the content for tonight’s post, if they had been fit for the world-at-large.  They will be…someday.  Or, not. 

So, for tonight, Eddie Izzard was a place/person I visited for a bit of historic perspective.  I love this guy.  Owen and I stayed up late on several occasions watching this video (I think it was on HBO, but I can’t actually remember now). 

Nat would love the historical perspective of Eddie, but I’m not sure he’s watched him.  Eddie’s outfit might be immediately off-putting to him…or not.  I should check in with Nat on this bit of comedy/reality/history/narrative.  Nat is the ultimate cynic on world history and pop culture, so I think he might enjoy this piece, maybe the entire show.  The show.  Isn’t all of it, a show?

 Video for the night:  Cake or Death?  Eddie Izzard


~ by Linda on March 27, 2008.

One Response to “Cake or…”

  1. I LOVE this video!

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