Our House Cried on Me

…this morning.

Every morning, I wake several times before I get up.  I wake with dreams fresh in my mind; I wake from a tension-filled prone position, often too stiff and sore to face the day;  I wake from the sound of my own gasps for air.  Often, I wake by noticing that I’ve been awake for a while, but have been looking at the ceiling for so long, I didn’t notice I was awake – memories take over, and I’m in the O-zone.

This morning, I woke several times before the particular instance that got me out of bed.  Nat called, and Dave brought me the phone.  I heard Nat’s voice, but responded in short phrases, hoping he wouldn’t notice I was somewhere else.

He asked, “What’s that sound?  I think there’s some static on the line, or something.”  I said, “No, that’s me breathing.”  After a short conversation, we agreed to talk later in the day.

Nat’s phone call interrupted a dream, and I wasn’t able to recover enough, before saying hello. Dave knows to always give me the phone if it’s Nat on the other end.  He also knows to delay phone calls when I’ve had a bad night.  Bad nights are no excuse for not answering Nat’s calls, so there I was, lying in bed, breathing, talking, and trying desperately to recall every moment of the dream.

The dream:  I was in bed.  The phone rang.  Dave answered it.  It was Owen.  He was calling to let us know he was okay, but he couldn’t get home right away.  He was delayed because he owed some fines.  “What fines?” Dave asked.  Owen said he’d been hopping from ferry boat to ferry boat, much like people who train-hop, in order to get where they’re going.  I could hear Dave’s end of the conversation, and kept yelling my questions to him, so he could ask Owen for the answers.

I asked, “When are you coming home?”  “What do you need?” “Where can we meet you?”  And, Dave kept asking Owen.  Owen said he wasn’t able to come home yet, because he had to take care of these fines.  But, he would let us know, when we could help.

During the course of the Dave-Owen phone call, while I was lying in bed, the ceiling to our bedroom opened up, and I could see the pierced roofline – and rain poured down on me.  I wondered why the sky was so clear, and the raindrops fell on my head, like it was an everyday event.

Owen’s rooms are upstairs, so that meant the roof had opened up from there – up there, where Owen used to sleep, play music, and get ready for work.  I kept thinking, in my dream state, why did the roof open up?  What happened to the house?

I pulled the covers over my head to keep the rain off my face.  But, I could still see the gaping hole in the ceiling, the roof, two floors up.  Dave asked Owen to call us when he was ready to come home, and Owen agreed.

Nat:  So, I’ll talk to you later, okay? Me:  Okay, I’ll call you when I’m awake.

This afternoon, when I was doing the dishes, and tidying up the house, I noticed the rug in front of the kitchen sink was wet.  I checked the cabinet under the sink, and sure enough, there’s a leak.

I recalled this morning’s dream, and Nat’s phone call, and smiled.  I checked the plants in the kitchen window, and noticed they were dry.  I watered them.  Some of those plants are Owen’s orchids.

Yes, there’s a leak in our house.  There are several leaks.  The house is raining down on me.  This happens when I go away for a day or two, or more.  Upon my return, I’m drenched in tears, conversations remembered or hoped for, and water – always water.  Rain, and the house cries down on me.

Song for the night: It’s In The Rain, Enya (…late at night, I drift away, I can’t hear you calling, and my name is in the rain, leaves on trees, whispering…deep blue seas, mysteries…)


~ by Linda on February 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Our House Cried on Me”

  1. What a beautiful song and video. The dream is amazing. I would love to know what you feel it means. There’s the ever present water, for sure. The concept of the house crying on you is intriguing, and to hear Owen talk about coming home is so bittersweet. I am wondering what the fines refer to. I am sure it was a dream that you wished to continue. (Some people can dream the same dream again.) I wonder if there are clues just waiting to be discovered in this never-ending mystery. Love you! Lonnette

  2. We WILL discuss this dream when I get there tomorrow.

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