Any Way the Wind Blows

I don’t know how to start this post.  Dave and I have been listening to music tonight, lots of music, looking for the perfect song to begin my retreat.  I’m going away for four days to think, to write.

The decision to go, to retreat, was not easy.  I’m a “responsibility freak”, not often concerned with my own health.  I am now, because I have to be concerned.  I owe so much to so many, and I want to be able to continue my mission.

Nat and Owen rarely censored their thoughts.  You should hear Nat go OFF on things of consequence.  He’s an amazing orator, a humorist of the uncommon kind.  He and Owen had this in common, although their topics were not always in alignment.  They chose their topics carefully, and carelessly.  They spoke because they thought, and they didn’t often care who was listening.  They cared only, that they were heard.  Nat is still heard.  Owen is heard through this blog, and through our memories of him, and him with our family.

Owen may have told you a different story.  But, he would have told you a story you would not likely forget.  To those who heard him, you can’t forget.  He won’t let you.  We won’t let you.

The many, the varied, and the contrived stories I hear here in fair Verona, oh, excuse me…in Petaluma, are confusing, and disturbing, because they offer no verifiable truth.  They are, in fact, stories built on the wings of any way the wind blows…on any particular, but not specific, day.

“Mama, life had just begun…” is a phrase that means something to you, to yours, that may be different, even alien to those not living in our here and now.  Are we caught in a landslide?  Fuckin’ A.

The word “bismillah” from tonight’s song, can mean many things, depending on the listener, the speaker.  For us, Dave and I, the word says only this: peace, love, beauty.  We believe all philosophies, all religions, would hear these words in the same essence, were they to set aside their territorial confines, their dogma.

All those that can, and anyone that would…see…would know that Owen knew his destiny.  He always knew.  We knew, because he told us, and we believed him.  Owen did not know how he would meet his end (to this life), only that it would be before we would let him go…”let him go”.

While we do not believe Owen let go of this life willingly, we do believe he is at peace.  It is our hope, that those of you who know what happened that night, those of you who were there (for we know Owen did not leave this life alone – you have told us as much) can be brave enough to leave the safe harbor of the River Walk, the pipebridge, and the wooden trestle – and walk the path of truth.  What is the truth?

All we want is the truth as you saw it.  Nothing more.  Nothing else really matters.  No matter which way this wind blows in your mind, there is no escape from this reality. 

“Nothing really matters,
Anyone can see,
Nothing really matters-,nothing really matters to me,
Any way the wind blows….”

Song for the night:  Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen



~ by Linda on February 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “Any Way the Wind Blows”

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  2. I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful time away, and that you find beauty in the simple things. Love to you my friend! Lonnette

  3. I’m very glad you are taking time to care for yourself. It’s terribly important to allow ourselve such time.

  4. LINDA,Really missing you as your away, but really hoping you are having some peacful , quit moments.Knowing you are feeling OWEN’S spirit with you. LOV, SANDY SHANES MOM

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