I Can Be Found


“Sincere” by Carla, circa 2005

“Between the worlds of men and make believe, I can be found…”

Song for the night:  Scarecrow’s Dream, Dan Fogelberg



~ by Linda on January 27, 2008.

One Response to “I Can Be Found”

  1. This photo was taken while Owen was sitting in the latest, POS, GREEN DODGE DART, circa 1968. Linda bought it for $500.00 and had a dream to restore it to it’s original condition. Linda loves Dodge Darts.

    Owen became the next “Owener” of that car. He loved it. He adorned it with Owen stuff. He drove it around Bellingham, WA, so proud to have transportation that wasn’t a bus token. He parked it in the most conspicuous locations in town. He drove Carla and Helen crazy with his obsession with his POS car.

    This photo of my beloved son is one of my most favorite. I see his eyes. Those beautiful eyes that burned through all mystery. That saw through all the bull-shit that he encountered. That comforted the less fortunate he helped and counselled daily.

    He had such a James Dean look about him, while in his, POS, GREEN DODGE DART, circa 1968. Wearing his leather jacket, with the collar up.

    REBEL WITH A CAUSE. That’s my Owen.

    Love Ya Bubba,

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