Search for Beauty

This is my job for 2008 – to search for beauty.  It’s a hard job, and one that is testing me at every turn.  I’ve always thought (unfortunately) that negativity was more contagious than its nemesis.  I’ve never understood why and how this could be true.  But, it keeps coming up as just that, true.  (How odd it is, to think of “positive vibrations” or “beauty” as a “nemesis”.) 

I fear I may be right, and I fear this knowledge is one of the many reasons young people have this void – that blank spot that could be filled with hope, with beauty, if hope and beauty were alive and well.  I hope you find hope and beauty alive and well in your life.

The media certainly flaunts negative, horrifying, terrifying, and catastrophic news more frequently (and presents these negative stories in the first three minutes of broadcast news) more than positive human interest stories.  The commercial news media (in the US, anyway) is out for nothing more than ratings.  Fuck ratings. 

Ratings are about money.  Not your money, you don’t have enough to fill the gas tank of your car, or if you choose gas over food, you will spend the next month eating rice and beans.  Okay, rice and beans make a complete protein, so not so bad, actually.  But, not what you would choose, if you actually had a choice.  Yes?

I received emails from two of Owen’s friends tonight.  Both of them are searching for meaning, for hope, for beauty.  Both of them have stories about Owen that are devastating, hopeful, and beautiful.  How can that be?  Because human beings exhibit internal conflicts on a daily basis.  Owen did.  And, so do his friends.

All of us have it, the internal conflict – Beauty and the Beast.  All of us are that, and more. 

Song for the night:  Beauty and the Beast, this version sung by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson (Owen would kick my ass for posting this…Hey, Bubba, consider my ass kicked!  You and I know the sentiment is real…no harm, no foul, eh?)


~ by Linda on January 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Search for Beauty”

  1. This was one of my favorite movies when I was younger, hearing the song brightened up my night conisiderably. I hope youre doin fine.

  2. LINDA,You are so right about finding beauty, but we will still look. i just so feel for you on all your posts. i have had my husband read them also, he was a very respected detective in our small ohio town for 32 years ,this story just SICKENS him , you are always in our thoughts, Hoping for answers . LOVE SANDY & RALPH

  3. Hey Cailie, I was glad to see your comment, then went to your blog. Didn’t know you had one. I’m glad you’re writing. Kinda freaked me out to see you writing about Owen, but also made me very happy, just knowing he’s still in your thoughts.

    Hi Sandy, Thanks for dropping by again. I think of you often, and hope you’re doing alright. Say hey to your husband for me.

  4. I love rice and beans… Black beans… my favorite dish when in Costa Rica and I don’t know why I don’t eat it more at home.


  5. Hi Linda, you speak so truthfully of life’s inescapable dichotomy. But I know too how you always spot the diamonds in the dust. I also know that in your search for beauty, you never need not look very far.

    God bless you with peace always.


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