Christmas Cats…hug yours

People think there’s a thing called “cat people”,  and all others are relegated to a category called “people who are just…not”.  I think even people who are allergic to cats are cat people, if they give a special cat a chance.  Yes, cats can be aloof, but they can also be the best friends you might find on a cold winter evening…or an early, gray, rainy morning when you’d rather see your 20-year-old child in your doorway, greeting you with an invitation to go get coffee, and shop the day away.  It’s Christmas, after all.

Hug your cat, your dog, your mate, or your children (if they’re still huggable)…all of them, if you’re that lucky, and get ready to gather together on Christmas Day.  We’re doing just that.  We’re doing those things we knew as traditions before Owen died, and we’re creating new ones because life does go on.  Dave is cooking, I’m wrapping presents, and we’re paying special attention to our cats. 

These are the same cats that tore up presents under the trees, dislodged the lights from the lower branches, and rolled around on the gift wrap while we tried to finish those last perfect corners with tape that didn’t show.  This is a vision of times past, years of depending on the same routines.  Routine is something rendered to memory now.   

Tonight, as I was wrapping the last of Trey and Ruby’s presents, Audrey (Owen’s developmentally disabled kitty), rolled around on the wrapping paper, and I freaked out.  NO KITTY HAIR on the wrapping paper, was all I could think.  Then, I remembered.  Kids don’t notice those details.  They notice things like, cool, I got the presents I hoped for.

So, I cleaned up the table, organized my space better, and got the paper and ribbons off the floor.  Audrey found a new place to sprawl out.  I finished my wrapping chores, and prepared myself for an evening of relaxation and movies.  That evening, the one I hoped for, was delayed a bit. 

Dave and I had to make a trip to town to buy something for Nat and Anna that wasn’t going to make the deadline for Christmas.  We had ordered it online, and it was scheduled to be late.  So, we cancelled the online order, and went to a MALL.  Going to a mall, was an event in which we had promised ourselves we would not engage.  We engaged.  We made the drive, parked in the far reaches of the parking lot, hiked to the entry doors, made our purchase, and were back at our favorite restaurant for a glass of wine within an hour. 

Afterwards, when we walked in the house with our purchase, we were greeted by our three cats.  They appeard to be waiting for their wet food, more wrapping paper, and Christmas lights they could tear away from the lower reaches of our tree.  Sadly, for them, we have no tree.  Our Christmas tree this year, is one of those Charlie Brown sticks with barely recognizable branches, that Dave brought in from our front porch two days ago.  It’s less than a foot tall, living in a terra cotta pot, and by tomorrow, will be dressed in miniature lights and a minimum of old Christmas decorations – only those that have significant meaning to the family.  I can’t wait to decorate it.  Unlike the hours it used to take, this tradition should take about 10 minutes.  About the same time it takes for one of the cats to dismantle it. 

We’re going to place the tiny tree on the dining room table, and since I’m off work for the next 10 days, I’m thinking I can monitor the cats’ activities.  If not, there won’t be much to clean up. 

We’ll be hugging our kids, our families, our friends, and our cats again this year.  We always have, and we will always will.  How will we hug Owen?  I’m thinking we’ll hug his memories.  I have no doubt, he’ll be hugging us back.  And, there is no question, that he will be roughing up the fur of Sylvester, Audrey, and Princess.  They were always his first greetings on Christmas mornings.  They surely will be this year.

Video for the night: Funny Christmas Cats,


~ by Linda on December 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Christmas Cats…hug yours”

  1. Wishing you a blessed Christmas Linda.

    And may the coming year give you the happiness and peace you so much deserve.

    Bong and Sam Bello (and I’m sure from Mariel too)

  2. Your cats most certainly see Owen and feel his energy even when others may not. Their reactions can vary too.

    For example, my dogs have seen the spirits..especially in the old 1880 house we are renovating. Saber moved away from them. He did not like to be touched by anyone other than family (he was part red wolf). A few times he ran down the two flights of stairs and outside refusing to go back into the house. He too is a spirit now.

    After Saber, we adopted Ringo (part cattle dog) from the safe animal shelter. He is the opposite…he goes up the two flights of stairs to the spirits (they seem to dwell more on the third floor). I think he may see them as part of his herd, so he tries to round them up. 🙂

    There is a little girl that lives in the house. Sometime I may write you about the gifts she left me.

    Thank you for your kind and inspiring comment! For now I will continue the blog. I am taking your advice to heart that I do not have to write in it every day. I guess the Capricorn in me thought that I should (that “imperfect perfectionist” issue I have). A lesson that I just recently learned is to stop trying to play god…my heart could not keep it up. It is getting easier to just ~~let all unfold..all is as it should be~~ There is such a peace in that…one that I have never known before.

    Enough for now…I’ll leave you to your sweet family including Sylvester, Audrey, and Princess! We did not put up a tree this year so I will think of your little Charlie Brown tree..I find comfort in that image…much like the flame of a tiny candle piercing the darkness.
    I will continue to mention you and yours in my candle prayers for you are in my circle now.

    So from within my circle and beyond…

    I wish you PEACE & LIGHT,



  3. Hey, where’s that pic of Owie puttin’ the kitty head in his mouth?
    That’s the ultimate kitty hug!

  4. Wanted to stop by and wish you a “Merry Christmas”. Your post reminded me of years ago, when I was growing up, and some of the cats we had. One of our cats had the personality of a dog-so loving and cuddly! Smokey stayed inside. One was wild, and would stay outside and get in fights, and come in with terrible war wounds! That was horrible. Many of our cats would like to paw at the tree also, and I love the video you put up on that! So cute! Many thoughts of you and your family. We are having our extended family Christmas tomorrow evening, when it’s over for most everyone else. But this year it works best for us. I will be cooking this evening, and likely most of the day tomorrow. I did not put up a regular size tree this year either. I have 2 small ones in the family room where we’ll be eating, and the great thing is, I won’t have so much to take down this year! HooRay for that! I have never had a Christmas where I’ve moved so slowly, almost as if observing myself from a distance. It’s been a difficult year for all of us. (Thinking of Owen as well.) Thanks for being a wonderful friend! Love, Lonnette

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