Cold out tonight…

cold enough to be uncomfortable here in Sonoma County, if you have to be outside because you have nowhere else to go.  I hope you have somewhere else to go.  If you’re reading this, you probably do.

I hope you have a place indoors, away from the cold, away from loneliness, away from desperation.  I hope your winter is less white, more warm.  I hope your gas and electricity bills are paid, so you can turn up the heat, block out the chill.  I hope you have friends who will bring you joy in the coming year, and laughter when tears find you locked inside your flesh and bone.  I hope you find reasons to ring in the new year with purpose and calm.  I hope you forgive, forget, and apologize.  I hope you tell the truth.  I hope someone offers you warm clothes, or a place to stay.  I hope when you think of your lost loves, you hear their voices and smile.  I hope I can be of help to those I love, and a voice of reason in an unreasonable world.  I hope I can remember all the things I hold dear.  I hope when you hear Christmas music, you don’t want to fall to your knees from the pain in your heart.  I hope you let go of fear. 

I hope for you, all the things I hope for myself, my family, and my friends.  I hope.  I hope you do, too. 

Song for the night:  This Side of Forever, Dead Poets Society


~ by Linda on December 15, 2007.

One Response to “Cold out tonight…”

  1. Beautiful wishes from a pure heart. Thank you so very much. I am finding these days that there is much loneliness, heartache and desperation on the “inside” as well. I have never been through a season of such sorrow and feelings of hopelessness. Without going into detail, my daughter continues to break my heart, I am overwhelmed by the care and maintenance of my mom, and I have never felt as depressed or lonely. I cannot seem to recover from these feelings, and I am like the walking dead, except I still feel, to a degree. It takes a lot to make me cry now, but I have even shed some tears lately. This struggle of life has become too much, and I am very weary. Lonnette

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