Things I will never see the same way…

Fingers on the neck of a guitar

Fingers plucking guitar strings

Fingers on a piano keyboard

Fingers on a computer keyboard

Fingers grasping a guitar pick

Fingers rubbing a cat, or a bunch of them, and an occasional dog

Fingers rolling a cigarette

Fingers writing in a journal

Fingers holding a loved one’s hand

Fingers on the handlebars of an orange bicycle

Fingers pulling money out of a wallet

Fingers brushing gravel away from an injured face

Fingers clawing at water without knowing which way is up

Fingers opening a can of beer

Fingers scraping the sky in an effort to stay put

Fingers turning the pages of a book

Fingers clutching a pen while writing down private thoughts

Fingers wrapped around a mug of strong, hot coffee

Fingers tenderly steering a 1968 Dodge Dart filled with friends

Fingers punching the “seek” button on a car radio

Fingers pointing at an injustice

Fingers letting go

Fingers manipulating the controls of a video game

Fingers writing a new poem

Fingers opening a tall, cold can of Rock Star

Fingers lighting a match, or an often-misplaced lighter

Fingers pounding on drums

Fingers tying beads into dreadlocks

Fingers stirring tofu and veggies

Fingers painting a bedroom floor black with orange stripes

Fingers washing dishes from a night of too much fun

Fingers brushing the hair from a young woman’s face

Fingers holding an aunt’s Martin for the first time

Fingers plugging in the cable to a tube amplifier built before the fingers were born

Fingers lighting fireworks in the middle of the street

Fingers watering plants

Fingers filling a pipe

Fingers sorting through old photos, realizing they were happy fingers at one time

Fingers holding a paint brush loaded with blue acrylic paint

Fingers cutting out pictures for a collage

Fingers weaving a dream circle

Fingers taking a self-portrait with any old camera that’s nearby

Fingers applying war paint

Fingers holding a jug of milk to guzzle the last drops, only to place the carton back in the fridge, empty

Fingers making nachos, and placing them in the oven

Fingers displacing Mom’s CD from the CD player in the car

Fingers scooping popcorn into a bag at the local theater

Fingers holding a broom, and pushing a trash can

Fingers working a cash register

Fingers rubbing a face to clear the air from the night before

Fingers stroking a grandmother’s arm when she is sick

Fingers shaking hands in a new greeting

Fingers carrying furniture and paintings during a friend’s move

Fingers pinching the other hand to make sure this is not a dream

Fingers carving Halloween pumpkins

Fingers holding a big brother’s hand, feeling little and scared


When Owen and I were terribly homesick after moving to San Diego, and wanted desperately to move back to Sonoma County, we drove the freeways and listened to Hotel California.  We felt lonely and sad, but hopeful we would get lost, and find something new, something interesting, and something that would give us a clue as to how to find our way home.  We always did.

Song for the night:  Hotel California, Eagles


~ by Linda on October 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Things I will never see the same way…”

  1. Linda: I finally got my first chance to read your blog, in fact it’s the first blog I have ever read, being not that internet literate. I just wanted to say how much I care for you, Dave and Nat. I loved the pictures, the songs, the memories I get to experience by reading your entries. Thanks for keeping the candle burning… Love you so much, Love Jeanne B.

  2. Such a beautiful portrait with all of these details. You must miss Owen so much. I’m so sorry.

  3. …and exceptionally long fingers on a new born baby boy , curling and stretching out to meet a world beyond limitations, without fear, connected to chubby little hands that would grow into huge, narrow hands patting middle aged ladies on the head…

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