Just this…

Owen with Epiphone

Owen, age 17, with his Epiphone – photo by Atom.

Song for the night: Fire and Rain, James Taylor


~ by Linda on September 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “Just this…”

  1. “, but I always thought that I’d see you again…” That’s the problem, the issue, the dilemma… call it what you will. This photo and the photos of the boys as children… that’s what I “know” best. If I recall,this photo is pre- “Owen Version 2.0” – RIGHT?

    That’s the tough part about “The List”. I always thought I would see them one more time at least. I think about what the topic of conversation would’ve been/should’ve been/will be. I alway thought I’d do a current technology version of that radio program I did with Dunnagan back in ’74. Boy could we kill now… the technology was SO primitive then. In my house (right now) I have 100 times the technology I had then … and it just sits.

    What to do, what to do???

    I alway thought I’d build “just one more” studio with Fletcher and Dave Cheek and Rychard Cooper. I always thought I’d write one more song with PlehnMan, Steve Diamond, Michael Lee…by myself. I miss “this OWEN”. This was the Owen that was easier for me to love. I guess we all become less easy to love as we get older and crankier. Hard to think or someone who was yet to be 21 as older and crankier, but there were changes as he moved into OWEN 2.0 that made him more distant (at least for me). I’m sure we were alike, but I don’t recall OWEN 2.0 for me… Some help here Miss Lou.

    TO all listening… call someone you “always thought that you’d see again”.

    It’s never too early, but it can easily be too late.


  2. No truer words were ever spoken. Yes, Owen changed, as we all do. And, we are not always easy to love, but we love each other in spite of our changes. We just love differently. Owen did, and Nat does.

    Yes, The List is expanding, and we have no warning for most of our losses. We always thought we would see each of them again, and poof…they’re gone.

    I love you, Bubba.


  3. I spent a number of years sitting at the dining room table calling out numbers for my Dad. He was in charge of the inventory and ordering for an auto supply company in Salinas, CA. At first, I would just call the numbers out in random fashion, and Dad would correct me. He would say, “3 at a time, and pause between each 3”. Then I would come across an 8 number series. Dilemma… Dad said 3, then pause, then 2, then pause, then 3. After a couple of days I got the process and we had a great time.

    My Dad passed 11 years ago this September. He spent his last few days at a nursing home down the street from home in Redding, CA.

    I saw him a couple of days before his passing. Went to visit and was walking down the hall to his room, saw him sitting outside in the hall in a wheelchair. As I walked up I said “Hi Dad”. He looked at me and I saw that he did not know who I was. Went into the room and talked with Mom for a short time. I then went back to the hallway. Dad looked up at me an said,”Hi David, how long have you been here? It’s so nice to see you.”

    I miss my Dad. I miss seeing my reflection as I look at his face.

    Mom has stage 4 cancer. Her doctor has stopped chemo. Hospice is coming to the house Monday. Her brother, Linda, and I will be there to talk with the providers.

    None of us are who we were. Mom makes the most amazing quilts you have ever seen. She started making them after Dad passed.

    What is next for those of us that have lost, and who are left?

    Just this….


    Owen..Nat..Lea..Emmitt..Sweet Linda

  4. I am thankful that I can still see Owen every day (don’t know if he sees me but that’s a whole different conversation). I am thankful for the hugs, the laugh, the quips, the photos, the memories shared by all of us who loved him, and the part of him that shows in all of you…. the face similarities in some, the quotes of some, the things that say “we saw the fire and rain ” and “sweet dreams and flying machines” are the pieces we get to keep.

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