88 days on Mercury

Lea called me tonight and we talked about each of our days, as we do so often.  She and Karma had spent some time together this afternoon, and Karma was thinking about getting a new tattoo, on or near her lip, lower lip, I believe.  My “mom” kicked into gear, and I wondered why anyone would want a tattoo on his or her face.  Not for me to know, as Karma is not my child – she is my friend.

The two of them talked about and considered many possibilities, and since signs and symbols are such a part of all our lives, they sought tangible evidence of a good choice for the tattoo, in some of Lea’s books.  They talked about the symbol for the mathematical equation of pi, and then moved on to symbols for planets, and other things for which we have interests.

Eventually, Karma decided that a tattoo inside her lower lip might be the answer.  I, of course, talked about the puffy lip she would have tomorrow, if, in fact she went through with it, and Lea said Karma had already made plans for this evening with the artist who would fire up the needle and make the imprint.

As we were talking, Lea mentioned that it takes 87.97 days for the planet Mercury to orbit the sun.  Mercury, being the nearest planet to the sun, and also the planet that rules the astrological sign of Gemini, said the conversation between Karma and her, had moved to Owen at some point.  Owen was a Gemini. 

When she said this, I replied, “Hmmm, I wonder how many days it’s been since Owen’s body was found in the river.”  She said Karma was trying to call her, and I told her to answer the call, as perhaps Karma was having second thoughts, and she should be there to talk the lip-tattoo discussion through to its logical conclusion.

We hung up, and I brought up a calendar on the computer.  I looked back to June 2, 2007, the day Owen’s body was found in the Petaluma River.  It was 88 days ago – and I smiled.  If Owen’s life was in any way ruled by the planet Mercury (as it would be if you give credence to astrology), it would make sense that Lea and I had had this conversation on this particular evening. 

Owen would have turned 21 on June 13, 11 days after June 2.  According to wikipedia, Mercury’s transit crosses the face of the Sun only when the planet is crossing the plane of the ecliptic at the time it lies between the Earth and the Sun. This occurs about every seven years on average.  The timing is all too serendipiditous for us not to acknowledge it in some way.

Today is the 88th day since Owen’s body was found, and he was just at the transit point of crossing into a new 7-year cycle.  Lea called me back, and we talked about how Owen communicates with us now.  If he is traversing the universe on things like the 4th star of the Big Dipper, and the planet Mercury, then surely, he is having the time of his life…or would be that be, the time of his afterlife?

We can’t know why we keep having these moments comprised of symbolic events, and messages which appear all too poignant, but we are having them, sharing them, and loving them.  Owen would love them, too.  In fact, we feel he’s creating them.  He would, ya know?

Lea’s next painting already has a title, though no paint has touched canvas:  “88 days on Mercury”.  Owen just finished his first trip around the sun.  He’s laughing, looking down on us with pi on his lips, and last night’s lunar eclipse in his heart.

Goodnight, Owen, I love you bigger than the sky.

For more on Mercury, see:  http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/solar_system/planets/planets_index.html  (where my dad, Emmitt Charles Siniard worked, when he died at the early age of 40), and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planet_Mercury


~ by Linda on August 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “88 days on Mercury”

  1. Cycles are very important for me. It’s a cycle when I see my grandson, Trey, with my oldest daughter, Grete, holding him in just the same way I held her at the same age. It’s a cycle when the tulips on our front porch bloom for the next year’s vase adornment. It’s a cycle when you go from a tricycle, to a bicycle, to your first VW Bug. It’s also a cycle when life starts, grows, goes dormant, and blossoms anew.

    To know that Owen has returned from his first cycle around the sun, the star that he didn’t often see, to visit again – is proof to me, that he’s just checking in and wondering where the hell can he get a giant plate of nachos.

    Love ya dude,


  2. Gemini and Mercury
    This site is a bit … but Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

    I am excited to get into the studio today.

  3. At the risk of falling over the cliff’s edge of Woo Woo, did you know that Mercury is also symbolic of Communication, Hermes (messenger of the Gods), the color orange (green for Gemini) and quicksilver, good colors for painting.

    Meaning is …
    just plain (plane) necessary

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