Tag line: This day is not shot!

Lea was living with us from January to the beginning of May, 2007. She had just left a relationship, where she needed to move from one place, to another place, of safety and love. She chose us. We welcomed her.

Since she was Owen’s and Nat’s godmother, she had known them from early on. She has known Nat, our older son, since he was younger than 3 years old, and Owen, from birth. She read Owen’s palms on the 2nd day of his life, and I will share some of her insights in posts to come, with her permission.

In the first few months of this year, she was here at the house with Owen, on days when Dave, my husband and my sons’ second father, and I were at work. Since she and Owen were old friends, they were quite comfortable in each others’ presence, and talked often, while no one else was around.

Lea is a morning person. Owen was a night person. Their days overlapped in the late morning/early afternoon hours. One of her favorite lines when Owen came downstairs from his rooms (yes, he had 3 rooms upstairs) was, “This day is shot.” For Lea, that was often true, as she had done so much from the dark hours of the morning into mid-day, and Owen had just woken up. His reply on many occasions was, “This day is NOT shot.” For him, the day had just begun. And, they spent their afternoons talking, laughing, making meaning, drinking strong coffee, and smoking cigarettes.

Lea officiated at Owen’s memorial service, and is experiencing his death much as a parent would. We talk almost every day, sometimes several times, and I am thankful for her friendship, and her understanding of what is un-understandable, given our current circumstances.

Lea is an artist of unsurpassed talent. She would not tell you that. She is in her “Owen” period, and we are proud of her efforts and outcomes, as she has painted some awesome canvasses in the days since Owen died. She did before, and there are stories there, too.

No matter what time you wake up, This day is not shot! Whether you wake up at the crack of dawn, or noon, or in the late afternoon or evening, there is something to do, something to accomplish — if you are so inclined. Our family has always been inclined to accomplish something, with no limitations based on “time” as time is evasive, elusive, and unknowable in the larger scheme of things. Time. What is it?

Right now, time is the thing we want to move faster. And, it won’t. All the information on which we are waiting is on someone else’s time. And, we are not great friends with the waiting that happens while time passes.

This day is not shot! And, there is much to do in each and every hour.


~ by Linda on August 18, 2007.

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